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The Team

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Chiraag Yadav
🎨 Founder of Rex Institute of Art & Design 🖼️ Co- Founder of Aashart-The Gallery 🏅 President of BASSEIN ART SOCIETY

Hi there, I'm Chiraag Yadav. I am an Artist, Educator & an ArtPreneur Coach Based in Mumbai.

Art has always been my passion from a young age. With no Guidance and Formal Education in Fine Arts, I struggled to understand India's art scene and find resources to help me grow as an artist.

Despite these challenges, I continued to pursue my love for art, and eventually found success as an Artpreneur in 2011.
I founded the Rex Institute of Art and Design, where I've coached over 3500 students to date.

But teaching wasn't enough for me. I wanted to make an even bigger impact in the art world. That's why I founded Ashart-The Gallery, Palghar District's first art gallery for Artists and Art Students. We've Sold 500+ Paintings and helped Local Artists from the same.

In 2018, I was featured in Entrepreneurs of India and became the president of the Bassein Art Society in 2019.

Now, after more than a decade of experience in the industry, I'm excited to share my expertise and help other artists achieve financial freedom and an entrepreneurial mindset. That's why I've become an ArtPrenuer Coach and created Art Biz School, empowering fellow artists to sell their artworks and take control of their own creative journeys.

Art Biz School is your online home for networking and support so you get the help you need to sell.
Created for artists like you who want to make art their living.

With this Community, I am on a mission to Empower Visual Artists in India and Help them Generate Money using their Art so they can live a life of Financial Freedom.

I can't wait to welcome you!